Three different one-day walking trails
  Bastervoetpad Pass - can be reached by high clearance 4 x 4 vehicles only
  Biker friendly routes for quad and mountain bikes
  A 4 x 4 circle route via Rhodes, Naudes Nek Pass, Maclear, Ugie and Elliot
  A visit to Lundeanís Nek where sandstone buildings form part of the natural scenery
  Visits to rural areas of the Transkei - Mtatha and others
  Amateur and Professional Ski

Amateur skiing can be done in winter on the snow clad mountain sides.  Professional skiing can be done at the Tiffendal Ski Resort in season.

  Cave and rock paintings

In this area of the Eastern Cape you will find many rock art sites. These Bushman paintings or rock art, painted by the San
thousands of years ago are just a short drive from mentioned towns and can be viewed in a day.  Guided tours can be done when guides are available.

  Fly Fishing

Fly-fishing opportunities in the Southern Drakensberg continue to increase rapidly as is happening elsewhere in South Africa. The many crystal clear rivers and dams in the higher reaches are regular favourites with the serious and skilled fly-fishermen. Brown and rainbow trout occur throughout the region. 

  Bird-watching, stargazing and indigenous flora

The area offers the opportunity to sight birds that are not commonly seen in other areas, because they only occur above a certain sea level. Species more commonly sighted on the Naudes Nek Pass are the Ground Woodpecker, Orangebreasted Rockjumper and Drakensberg Siskin. The hotel is the ideal base to view birds on the Bottelnek and Bastervoetpad trails. There are altogether more than a 120 bird species in this area of the Eastern Cape which includes rare species. These rare species - to mention only a few - are the Black Stork, Bearded Vulture (Lammergeier), Black Harrier, Black Eagle, Cape vulture, Grass Bird and the Cape Rock Thrush.  This area of the Eastern Cape is well known for their diverse Flora and some of the most beautiful plants are found here.


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